Thursday, August 27, 2009

For those who have been cheated in the name of love

Are you a loser in love?. Then kindly spend some time in viewing this video in order to save the rest of your lifetime from love. It is not just a video but a mirror that reflects the life of several humans, who have been cheated in love.

The Sum Of Two Numbers Is 75. The First Is 9 More Than 5 Times The Second. Can You Find The First Number?

let the two numbers be a and b.
sum is 75 a+b=75
a is 9 more than 5 times b a=9+5b
put a=9+5b in a+b=75
put b=11 in a+b=75

one number is 64 and the other is 11

Write Program In C++to Read Matrix Of M*n From Keyboard &display The Same On Screen?

void main()
int a[10][10],m,n,i,j;
printf("Enter the number of rows in the matrix:");
printf("Enter the number of columns in the matrix:");
printf("The matrix is as follows");


Can You Find The Larger Of Two Numbers,and Report If The Two Numbers Are Equal In A Program?

Can You Find The Larger Of Two Numbers,and Report If The Two Numbers Are Equal In A Program?

void main()
int a,b;
printf("Enter the two numbers:");
if(a>b) printf("%d is larger",a);
elseif(aelse printf("Both the numbers are equal");

The Quotient Of Two Numbers Is 12 And Their Sum Is 91. What Are The Two Numbers?

let a and b be two numbers.
quotient is 12 sum is 91
a/b = 12 a+b=91
put a=12b in a+b=91
now a=12b=12(7)=84

one number is 84 and the other one is 7

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Where there is a will, there is a way

The 17th century proverb says that if one really wants to do something, one will find a way to succeed. Determination and dedication are the keys to success. If one is determined to do something, there is no way that person could be stopped from doing the intended thing. Even if several obstacles come in one’s way, one evolves strategies and methods to overcome the obstacles and succeed in one’s goal. A person who is determined to succeed in a particular thing, will summon all the resources and energy at his or her command and will be all fired-up to achieve success. Determination or the mental toughness and psychological make-up of a person to succeed play a critical role in achieving success.

Will aims at finding all the possible paths that leads a person to success and then it is the responsibility of the person to keep trying all the paths till he achieves success. Sometimes the correct path turns out early and sometimes it turns out late. Will is the unseen power that brings together all the forces in a human body and make them to travel in the paths that lead to the destination of success. If a person fails at one path, it is the will that motivates him to take up the other path. And finally the person succeeds when he is on the right path to success. It may become late for a person with will to reach the correct path to success but there the probability for the person to miss the target is absolutely zero.

A person with will is a person with a guide to victory. Will is something that is found in all humans who have the thirst of success. For an example, in the famous story of the tortoise and the hare, though the tortoise was well known about the fact that a hare is more efficient than any tortoise in the world, it was the will of the tortoise that made it to reach the success. Will is independent of age, physic, appearance and gender. All it depends on is the determination and dedication to success.

Internet usage meter

ShaPlus bandwidth meter is a software that constantly monitors and displays the usage of internet in your system. It keeps track of the downloads being made and lets you know the size in MB/KB. You can be beware of the broadband usage and can know your limits.You can also specify the time limit during which the downloads made need not be considered.Thus, you can know your bill in advance.

Super star Rajinikanth's interview

Super star Rajinikanth's interview:

Rajinikanth does not do stylish things, all that rajini does turns out to be stylish.
His slang in english is also stylish. He never had superiority complex and used to be as simple as possible. Superstar rocks.Super star Rajini has fans worldwide.The movie "Enthiran" also known as "Robo" is expected to be a box office hit worldwide.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



(‘unto’ means ‘to’)

“Do to others what you expect others to do to you” is what the topic tries to explain to you. There are two decision makers in the human body. One is the mind and the other is the heart. A human needs to learn how to balance these two decision makers. Mind cares about it alone whereas heart cares about others too, that is why, mind-made decisions favor the person alone but heart-made decisions favor the entire society.

If mind is law then heart is justice. Law and justice do not join hands at all times. Heart alone is capable of treating others as itself whereas mind lacks this capability. A human would never go wrong if he does to others what he expects them to do to him. In recent times, mind aims at earning money and heart aims at earning humans.

In short, for a good human, life is a chessboard where the players play each and every move, assuming that as if they play on the other side of the table. Like chess players, humans too before handling each and every situation, need to assume as if they are on the other side of the situation. This way of approach to situations will never let a human down.

Life is a chess game where the King is the Heart and the Queen is the mind. As how the king and the queen struggle to win the game of chess, the heart and the mind join hands to win the game of life. Though in chess, we struggle to save both the king and the queen, at times, there comes a situation where you need to lose the queen in order to save the king. In the same way, there is nothing wrong in losing the interest of mind to gain the interest of heart.

In short, at some stages of life, we need to let us down for the welfare of others. Doing this to others also teaches them that they need to do the same to you when the situation turns upside down.

When helping others, always have the feel that you are helping yourself, because a help is just like a deposit made at a bank, a day or the other it returns to you with interest. The more you help others, the more helping hands you get. Always remember that the most difficult thing to earn in our life is nothing but the humans. The person with more persons to help him is the richest man in the world.

A person who takes wholly mind-made decision is a greedy person and a person who takes wholly heart-made decision is a gem but will be used as a fool by the society. Then what kind of decision makes a man perfect? It is a decision that could balance the mind and the heart of a human. 65% of humans are greedy, 30% of humans are perfect and 5% of humans are fools. The essay ends with a question to you all “What kind of person you are?”

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